Corey Walden: “Trinchieri is a great coach able to take the best from us”

Corey Walden

Corey Walden, esterno del Bayern Monaco, ha rilasciato un’intervista esclusiva a Backdoor nella quale ha parlato delle sue esperienze passate e dei suoi obiettivi futuri, ma ci ha anche descritto coach Trinchieri e alcune curiosità sulla sua carriera e delle sfide più importanti che ha affrontato.

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Backdoor Podcast had the honor of interviewing Corey Walden, american point guard of Bayern Munich.
The player, who also played in Belgium, Israel and Serbia, talked about his past experiences and his future goals, but he also described coach Trinchieri and some curiosities about his career and the most important challenges he faced:

-In your career you played in America, Belgium, Israel and Serbia and this year in Germany. What are the main differences between these championships? And in what you have struggled to fit in?

It’s a very difficult question, in every country the styles of basketball are different, but I’ve always tried to do my best.

– Who has been the most difficult opponent to face so far? And the team that has put you most in trouble?

Every game is difficult, but if I have to think of a team I would tell you Barcelona and its players.

– What’s the most important game you’ve played to date that you’ll never forget?

All the championship and Euroleague games are important and if I have to think about some games that I will never forget are the most difficult in Serbia or the playoffs, but every game is important especially when you play to win something.

– What is your relationship with Trinchieri? Can you tell us something about him?

He is a great coach who always is able to make us the best and who always demands from us the best in training and game after game.

– What are your goals, both personal and for the team, for this season and for the future?

My goal is always to give my best and improve to help the team to be better and do better and better in every match.