Miquel Salvò (Gran Canaria): “We are looking one game at a time”


Intervista esclusiva ai nostri microfoni di Miquel Salvò, ala del CB Gran Canaria. Lo spagnolo, dopo due stagioni passate a Burgos, è arrivato alla corte di Fisiac e si sta affermando come uno dei tasselli più importanti della squadra. Giocatore dall’elevata intelligenza, sta producendo 7.4 punti e 3.8 rimbalzi in 20:33 minuti di impiego in Eurocup. Qui di seguito la versione originale in inglese dell’intervista e, nella pagina successiva, la traduzione italiana.

We had the opportunity to take an exclusive interview with Miquel Salvò, player of CB Granc Canaria. The spanish forward, after two seasons in Burgos, arrived at the court of Porfirio Fisiac and he’s conferming himself as one of the most important pieces of the team. Thanks to his great basketball intelligence, he’s averaging 7.4 points and 3.8 rebounds in 20:33 minutes in Eurocup. Here’s what he said at our microphones!

In the last two years you played in Burgos, winning two consecutive Champions League. What are the main differences between BCL and Eurocup?

The main difference is the format of both competitions. They are two completely different competitions. EuroCup are similar to a league format with two groups of 10 teams and there are games each week. Champions League has smaller groups and it’s easier to advance to the next round, while in EuroCup every game has its importance. And also there are several teams build up to play in EuroLeague, as Virtus, Valencia, and to be able to play against these big teams is amazing.

Last year you made your debut with the Spanish national team. What were your emotions?

It was very exciting and I feel really proud. I’ve spent many years in basketball and I’ve worked really hard to play in ACB, and after 5 years in the best league to had this opportunity to make my debut was another big step in my career and I am really proud of it. I enjoyed a lot the experience and I hope to have more opportunities to continue playing for my national team because I enjoyed the best of it like a child.

At the moment Gran Canaria is first in the group B of Eurocup. What are the goals of the team for this European season?

We are looking one game at a time. I think is the best philosophy that a team can have. Right now we are in a good position, we are playing very solid to close the games, competing well at home and away. I think we must continue this work, on this week we expect two really hard games to see if you continue the momentum.

Porfirio Fisiac was your coach during your experience in San Sebastian and now he’s your coach at Gran Canaria. What’s your relationship with him?

Our relationship is excellent. It’s a very professional relationship, we both know what we can expect from each other. He knows me really well and I’ll fight to death for him. All players of the team are in the same page, Porfi is really nice with us and he’s very clear telling us what he needs from each one of us. Inside the court, he’s very demanding, he’s a very good coach for players like us who are very ambitious.

What do you think is your best quality on the court? What are your goals for this season?

The players always prefer that people answer this questions instead of us. But I think that my versatility is a strong point in my favor, that I can play in several positions, the reading of the game, the intelligence… I think that I always help the team in what it needs.

My main goal for this season is to continue the level I’m showing, and even to improve it, try to be better everyday. And to help the team to win all games. The team is always in the first place and it was always my mentality.